Wash and Wares and Vintage Treasures 
Workshop & Mercantile

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Wash and Wares 
Workshop & Mercantile



3006 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Wash and Wares Vintage Treasures is a trendy vintage resale shop and workshop. We wanted Vintage Treasures to solve numerous issues that vendors face in bringing you the best finds possible. It is quite a task to seek out, obtain and drag home these glorious finds, but vendors also make repairs, repurpose, and makeover items before bringing them to the store. That entails a lot of hard work and numerous times moving the treasures. In an effort to alleviate these frustrations, our shop has three facets. The first facet is the mercantile: The shop has retail booths presenting vintage and industrial interests, and antiques ready for your home and also everything a DIY'er might need to paint or create their own treasure. The second facet for the vendor is storage: Vendors have an opportunity to store their wares toward the back of the resale shop. The third facet is the workshop: In the workshop they can restore, repurpose, or repair their treasures or work on custom pieces for their clients. 


Our workshop is not only for the vendors, but also the community. We provide classes and the public can use the workshop as well. A schedule can be found on our workshop page. Costs vary depending on the type of class and materials.

FUN NIGHT is Class Night (Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm). Please call to reserve your spot by Tuesday 5pm & find out that week's project. (405) 702-5010. Each week is a different project. The cost varies per project, most under $25. 





        ANTIQUE                      STEAM PUNK

            PAINT SUPPLIES 


We hold classes in the workshop for furniture painting and restoration, carpentry, stained glass, identifying antiques, and more. We change the classes frequently and are in the process of adding smaller carpentry type classes such as building birdhouses and boxes. Click on the Workshops tab to register for workshops.

Custom Furniture Painting

Do you have a special piece of furniture that you would like painted or restored? Wash and Wares can help! Whether you have one piece or 50, your furniture is in good hands with us. Using our own design service or your colors, Wash and Wares provides a quality painting service.