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~every estate deserves respect and dignity~


As you know, things are not easy to plan during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 virus. Those sales that could wait have pushed sales back on the calendar. They are currently scheduled for June 2020 and we will be preparing the estates for the sales a few weeks prior to each sale. Should it appear that we need to wait longer, either indirectly due to the virus, or directly such as clients not being able to move into their retirement communities, we will change the dates accordingly. God willing, we will go forward with the June schedule!  Click here to view the sales coming up!

We are currently scheduling for July and August. We have held the July calendar open in case the June sales (most of which were originally March-April sales) need to be pushed back further. That said, we will move forward and book July with new sales! As you know, we usually book months in advance, but having to turn down sales during the pandemic has been devastating and difficult to plan around. We shall survive! 

If you are anticipate an estate sale in your future, it is important to get on the calendar (mine or anyone else's) at least three months in advance. Call me now to book an appointment.

Though we usually book well in advance, we still want to visit with you to see how we might be of service, even if it is only passing on some handy advice. 

We also recommend the sales of our friend Matt at McNeil's Liquidations for high end sales. 

Need to liquidate a loved one's estate or downsize your own?
Wash and Wares Estate Liquidations is available to conduct your estate sale. If you have need for a successful professional liquidator that will care about your estate as if it were our own, we are the company for you because every estate deserves respect and dignity. Contact Karen Hogue at 405-496-7399 or washandwares@gmail.comFollow us on Facebook (our business page https://www.facebook.com/washandwares and our event pages), as well as here on our website, our local newspapers and Craigslist. 

Karen Hogue gives talks in communities all around Oklahoma City and the surrounding counties. Come find out how to plan for your own estate sale or that of your loved one. Get the low down on what to expect, how to interview estate sale companies, what is standard in the industry and what are red flags, the process and pitfalls, and of course, all about those family members who either don't want anything or want everything. 

Wash and Wares 
Vintage Treasures  

Specializing in vintage and antiques...

Thanks for visiting the Wash and Wares Vintage Treasures' brick and mortar store in Oklahoma City.  We have closed the store as of October 14th, 2018. We are sad, but looking forward to the future as we continue to conduct estate sales and get our vintage wares back on the road doing shows. 

Thank you so much to customers, vendors and others who have supported Vintage Treasures' storefront during these three years. Follow along on the website and Facebook to find our next estate sale and show. www.facebook.com/washandwares